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Otto Herz

Otto Herz

Reform pedagogue, Psychologist, Philosopher, author, speaker, co-founder of the Foundation for Civil Courage

"The task of the school is to organize the success - not to document the failure."

Otto Herz

Otto Herz is a German reform pedagogue and author. He writes articles, gives lectures and has been involved in numerous school and education projects for decades. He is co-founder, for example, of the Bielefeld Laboratory School and the Leipzig Neighbourhood School. In 2000 he founded the foundation for the promotion of civil courage. He is active in the implementation of children's rights.

He is an ambassador for educational justice, an advocate of common sense and civil disobedience, and inspires people throughout Germany to courageously act for a successful school culture full of heart!

It is his concern not to adapt the people to their system, but to develop the system with the people and for them.

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  • kigobe francis

    Hi Otto net working is good i am beginning to hear of a laboratory school .Can i relate it to a nursing school

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