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Luisa Kleine

Luisa Kleine

Association for free educational alternatives, naiv-collective

After a long journey through various communities and projects, Luisa landed in an urban community in Kassel. During the trip she was able to get to know many alternative educational projects, in which people can shape their own learning paths. She networked these with the foundation of the Association for Free Educational Alternatives and tried to make them more visible. In addition, she conducts research with the Naiv Kollektiv on the subject of adultism, discrimination against young people on the basis of their age, and is involved in the GEN Network (Global Ecovillage Network).

When it comes to education, she advocates self-determined learning paths that run beyond the major education highways such as universities and colleges. Instead of learning what the market needs right now, people should be allowed to learn what inspires them and what they are allowed to contribute in the world, what they feel makes sense and according to their needs and abilities.



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  • Luisa, I am a teacher with a 35 Years experiences but I totally acreditación with you. I am completely sure that students will be really happy learning what they are interested in and the world Will be a better place to live in and everybody would contribute with the best they have. I have always tried to make feel my students happy and anxious to get yo know more about they love. Unfortunately, my country needs to work a lot and of course teachers too, on the educational system. Firstly, those who are dedicated to teach, need to love this wonderful carreer.
    Thanks a lot for your contribution to our world!

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