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Gerald Hüther

Gerald Hüther

Neurobiologist, Founder of the Academy for Potential Development

"The task of the 21st century is to create individualized communities."

Gerald Hüther

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther is a German neurobiologist and founder of the Academy for Potential Development. In his research activities and as author of numerous publications, he deals with brain development and cognition and advocates a new culture of learning. He was co-founder of the initiative Schule im Aufbruch (School on the Move) and has contributed to the dissemination of the results of brain research in the educational context in many papers at congresses and schools. In his books and lectures, he explains the results of brain research and their significance for everyday life, for example with regard to learning, feelings and dementia.

He also advocates the careful use of language, with one's own dignity and the possibility of being oneself in various life situations. Gerald Hüther also works as a scientific consultant for companies. Recently published by him: Dignity: What makes us strong - as individuals and as society.


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