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Margret Rasfeld & Jamila Tressel

Margret Rasfeld & Jamila Tressel

Founder and pupil of the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum, authors, prizewinners - Querdenken Award and Edition Award

"A transformation of society always requires a transformation of education."

Margret Rasfeld & Jamila Tressel

Margret Rasfeld is an educational innovator, founder of the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum, founder of the Schule im Aufbruch initiative and author of books. She uses her wealth of experience to advise schools, municipal institutions, educational projects and foundations. She is a winner of the Querdenker Award. She implements the Global Goals in schools and encourages people to take responsibility for our planet.

Her educational concept is guided and supported by the appreciation of diversity in the community that culminates in the sentence: "Each one counts, each one is unique".

Margret Rasfeld outlines the demands placed on schools today with the challenges facing society, caused by the necessary halt to the destruction of our livelihood - the earth, globalisation and new technologies; her credo is: "Away from the feasibility mania to sustainability and away from the EGO in the competitive system to the WE".

Jamila Tressel is a 20-year-old student of the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum and attends the 13th grade there. She is also an author, trained coach, speaker and trainer at conferences. After some negative experiences in the conventional school system, she has been advocating a radical change in the German education system since 2012. According to the motto: "Away from the underage fulfillment of duty, towards the courageous, responsible and self-thinking individual" she gives lectures in the entire German-speaking area and also internationally with suggestions, possibilities and lived examples of how school and learning can be different and even really fun.

Together with two schoolmates, she wrote the book "Wie wir Schule machen - Lernen, wie es uns gefällt" ("How we make school - learning, how we like it") at the age of 14, with which pupils publicly interfere in the debate on education for the first time. They demand courage for change in our schools: More independence, more responsibility, more experience for life. For their commitment, the three authors received the EduAction Award in 2018. In order to combine education, personality development, potential development and entrepreneurship, Jamila is developing an Academy programme to train, strengthen and enable young people to actively shape their own future.

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  • Luisa Josa

    Music to my ears! Such a great concept and impressive results.
    I‘d love to see my son‘s school develop in this direction

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