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21.3. bis 24.4.2020

Frequently asked questions

Problems playing the videos?

Click on this short video to test it:

If you can’t play the video, please update your browser or (additionally) download one of these 5 browsers – it’s usually important to use a current version!

Click on the download/update link (it’s all free):

Then open the page with the interview in this browser.

If this doesn’t work, please contact us:

Problems playing the videos online?

Please use one of the 5 browsers in the CURRENT version. See above under (TEST…)

If you have seen videos before, please check the following:

  • Were you on the interview page before the start?

If yes, reload the page (after the start time!) in your browser with Ctrl+ R or Apple + R (for Apple devices)

  • Is your Internet connection fast enough? Check the speed here
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  • Please deactivate all advertising blockers (adblockers) in your browser for the entire congress website Pioneers of Education. (Of course we don’t post advertisements here – but we have made the experience that it blocks our videos in some cases).

Sound is hard to understand?

For sound problems:

  • Immediate help is usually provided by headphones or earphones
  • Sometimes even changing the browser can help – with „FIREFOX Gecko“ there are often sound problems! (see for other browsers above: „TEST, if…“)

How and when can I see the video interviews?

Here you can find the dates of the individual interviews and the course of the congress: Timetable

I am having trouble registering

  • Please turn off your AdBlocker – of course we don’t use advertising here, but some AdBlockers incorrectly recognize our registration form as advertising and thus prevent a smooth registration.
  • If all the „ropes are torn“ please send us a mail to

Is participation really free? - Yes!

Yes, participation is completely free! The videos will be activated in the congress period ( 21.3. bis 24.4.2020) in blocks of 3 to 4 videos for all those who have registered. We inform about the sequence of the activation of the videos via email (from

Is it possible to download the videos? - Yes!

If you want to watch the videos before or after the congress, you can buy the whole congress package during the congress ( 21.3. bis 24.4.2020) here at a reduced price. incl.

  • of all videos
  • transcripts
  • summaries
  • bonus materials



What happens to my email address?

Your data is safe with us! We will NOT pass this information from our email program (mail chimp) to third parties. We try to communicate as closely as possible with our participants – the most efficient is still email! If you don’t want to be on our „list“ anymore, you can always quit with a mouse click.

Can I find the full videos anywhere else?

No. The complete interviews with the experts are exclusively available at Pioneers of Education or in the Kongresspaket.

Problems playing the videos & audios after buying and downloading from the members area?

  • If you have downloaded a package, you will need a program to „unzip“ it – usually a standard program on your computer – PC (WinZip) or Apple (Archive) – if you don’t have it on your computer we recommend 7-ZIP (for PC) orStuffit Expander (Mac)
  • After downloading and unpacking, you can usually watch the videos & MP3s very easily with iTunes (our recommendation).

Please note that we cannot offer any guarantee or installation help for the „Chrome“ browser or the software mentioned here for playing the file formats (MP3, MP4 and PDF). We assume that by using our platforms you will have basic computer knowledge and will be able to install the proposed programs independently

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Thank you very much for your interest in the congress!

Here we have collected frequently asked questions about the congress – if you are not sure about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us under or our support form. As a rule, we will contact you within a maximum of 5 hours.