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21.2. bis 29.2.2020

Simon Kornhäusl

Simon Kornhäusl

Teacher, educational innovator, learning path leader Pioneers of Change, co-founder of WELL

"I have a picture in front of me that learning processes will become more and more enjoyable and effective in the future."

Simon Kornhäusl

Growing up in Salzburg and a researcher for the good life since his teenage years, Simon has devoted himself to his vocation for more than ten years: the path of being a teacher.

Disappointed by the world alienation of teacher training, he embarked on a self-determined learning and development journey, which led him from the theatre of the oppressed to emancipative pedagogy, sociocracy, deep ecology, dance and coaching - and finally to the association "Pioneers of Change".

There he accompanies as a course instructor and trainer "pioneers of change" on their way to developing their potential. He is also co-founder of the "Workshop for emancipative learning and teaching", an originally student initiative that advocates a paradigm shift in institutional education.

Education revolution:
The ultimate aim is to tell a new story together about what it means to be human and to be alive: we are an inseparable part of an inconceivably beautiful world that we can help shape but not dominate. We are incredibly fascinating beings, so unique and yet deeply connected in our longing to find home and to express what is within us. And life is neither a bitter struggle nor a problem to be solved. It is a playful dance that wants nothing from us. Except to be lived.

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