Pioneers of Education

21.2. bis 29.2.2020

Lerne von Pionier*innen, wie unsere Schulen, Universitäten und Elternhäuser zu Potentialentfaltungsstätten des 21. Jahrhunderts werden

Inspiration, Ideen und Impulse für eine neue BildungsWelt

Felix Banaszak

State Chairman of the Green Party NRW, Chairman of the Education Commission NRW
Felix Banaszak

"Is our educational system prepared for this world, or was it created for a world that no longer exists today?"

    Felix Banaszak

    Felix Banaszak has been chairman of BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN NRW (Green Party) since January 2018. Born and raised in Duisburg, Germany, he studied social and cultural anthropology and political science in Berlin. Prior to his election as state chairman, he spent several years on the Federal Executive Committee of the GREEN YOUTH, on the municipal level in Duisburg and as regional office manager in the European Parliament.

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