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21.2. bis 29.2.2020

Chris Balme

Chris Balme

Social Enterpreneur, Educational Innovator, Founder of the Millennium School in San Francisco

"It is useful for teachers to know content and important that they have expertise, but it is not their most valuable trait."

Chris Balme is an educator and social entrepreneur, passionate about creating organizations that help people reach their full potential. He is the co-founder and Head of School at Millennium School, a progressive “lab school” in San Francisco aiming to re-imagine middle school for the 21st century. Prior to this work, Chris was the co-founder and CEO of Spark, a national non-profit serving middle school youth. Chris has received the Ashoka Fellowship and the Draper Richards Fellowship for social entrepreneurship, and earned degrees in Psychology and Management from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business.

Read more on Chris experiences with the Millenium School at

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  • kigobe erancis

    thanks mr. chris. caezaria community library and st.caesars academy a secondary rural school in uganda are inspired by
    your endevours for the 21st century.

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