Pioneers of Education

21.2. bis 29.2.2020

Lerne von Pionier*innen, wie unsere Schulen, Universitäten und Elternhäuser zu Potentialentfaltungsstätten des 21. Jahrhunderts werden

Inspiration, Ideen und Impulse für eine neue BildungsWelt

Amir Freimann

Founder and Director of the Israeli Education Spirit Movement, Philosopher, Author
Amir Freimann

"I connect with people through common questions and an open questioning attitude"

    Amir Freimann is founder and director of the Israeli Education Spirit Movement. As a philosopher and author he deals with the connection between formal education and philosophical/spiritual research.

    Books from Amir Freimann:

    Education: Essence and Spirit

    Education: The Human Questions

    Spiritual Transmission: Paradoxes and Dilemmas On the Spiritual Path

    From the book:

    The term “spiritual transmission” refers to the passing of the state of enlightenment from teacher to student, which takes place in many spiritual traditions. In itself, the transmission is synonymous with the experience of enlightenment. But the fact that the student’s experience is rooted in a relationship with a human teacher who is perceived to possess absolute knowledge lends the experience much of its intrinsic, yet hidden, nature.

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