Pioneers of Education

21.2. bis 29.2.2020

Adelheid Tlach-Eickhoff

Adelheid Tlach-Eickhoff

Montessori pedagogue, co-founder of Project Peace

"A deep connection with life supports me in challenging times."

Adelheid Tlach-Eickhoff, Montessori pedagogue, co-founder of the Active School Allgäu and founder of the project peace, "Mein Ja!hr für die Welt" for young adults. Mother and grandmother, engaged in interreligious peace work for many years, lives in the community of Sulzbrunn.

If we are to succeed in the great change, then we also need a great change in the educational system...
Young people want to take on responsibility and help shape the future of all of us. Encouraging them, creating space for them and good framework conditions - that is what she sees as our central task.

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